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Crossbow hunting is gaining popularity for a variety of reasons. Use this crossbow buyer's guide to help wade through the technology and jargon.

Crossbows have become very popular among hunters in the last few years. For some, the idea of hunting with a crossbow is appealing because being accurate with a crossbow doesn't require as much practice as hunting with a conventional bow. Others enjoy hunting with a crossbow because it lengthens their overall deer season. And some hunters use crossbows to introduce their wives and kids to the hunting sports.

Several hunters become crossbow hunters as they get older and can't draw a bow any more. I've met many hunters in their eighties who can't bow hunt any more, but regularly harvest deer with a crossbow. With more and more hunters reaching retirement age, it's easy to see why crossbows are more popular than ever.

As the popularity of crossbows increases, so does the number of crossbows on the market.
As the popularity of crossbows increases, so does the number of crossbows on the market.

Learning how to use a crossbow is easy and safe. As the popularity of crossbows increases, so does the number of crossbows on the market. Choosing the right crossbow can be difficult if you haven't used one before. Here are a few things to consider before forking over your hard-earned cash.

Bow-hunters are always looking for an extremely lightweight bow, and although weight is important, having a crossbow that is super lightweight may not always be the best option. Like rifles, heavier crossbows are often easier to keep steady when taking a shot because the added weight keeps the firearm from wiggling around. A heavy crossbow may be more difficult to tote around in the woods, but it might be worth the extra weight if you want to be extremely accurate. However, if you plan to hunt elk or game that requires a long walk on a regular basis, a lightweight model may be what you're looking for. After all, every pound counts when you're hiking miles each day.

To read the rest of this guide, please click here: Crossbow Buyer's Guide Part 2

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